Washington Nationals: Max Scherzer’s addition to ASG feels wrong

You know that scene in Back to the Future where Marty McFly kisses Lorraine Baines (his mother) and she says, “this is all wrong, when I kiss you it feels like I am kissing my brother?” You know that scene?

That is exactly how I feel about Max Scherzer getting invited to the All-Star Game as a replacement pitcher for an injured player. It feels all wrong.

When All-Star rosters were announced, Scherzer’s name was left off. An obvious snub. Three Washington Nationals hitters made the cut, which made it hard to throw in a pitcher as well, I guess. Even if Scherzer was very deserving.

Originally, Scherzer was left off the All-Star team for the first time since 2012. Max had appeared in seven straight Mid-Summer Classics (there was no game in 2020). Hall of Fame caliber pitcher, having a very strong season, and left out in the cold.

Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer has been added to the All-Star game as a replacement player.

Now, as an “All-Star replacement”, Scherzer has been added to the National League roster. What did it take to get Max in the game? Four pitchers decided not to play (or were hurt). Four? Not only did Max not get selected in the first twelve, he had to join a group of the next four to get in. Disrespected.

There will always be controversy with the All-Star selections when it comes to pitchers. Each team needs to have a representative and most times if a team is struggling, they’ll find a way to get a pitcher on the team. German Marquez does not make the team if the Colorado Rockies had anyone else capable. Trevor Rogers may make the team regardless, though he is the Miami Marlins only representative.

Also, juggling the starting pitchers and relievers could be tricky. Alex Reyes is worthy of a spot ahead of Scherzer? Max has a better FIP and more strikeouts per nine innings. Reyes leads the league in games finished, though only has one more save than Brad Hand. And he walks nearly a guy an inning.

Scherzer is an All-Star. As the years pass, no one will know he was a replacement this year. In the big scheme of things one All-Star selection won’t matter when this World Champion makes the Hall of Fame.

For the moment though, having Max get into the dance through the back door, doesn’t feel right. He should of had the red carpet rolled out at the entrance.