Washington Nationals: What To Expect In The Second Half

Now that the second half of the season has started, what is to come for the Washington Nationals?

What Can The Washington Nationals Do Differently In The 2nd Half?

Sitting at an underwhelming 32-65 record, there is a lot the Nats have on their mind. With the trade deadline near, this can mean a number of things. Based on the current rumors revolving around the clean-up spot, Josh Bell and other fellow Nats, who knows what can happen.

The biggest story to keep an eye on in the second half is the ongoing Juan Soto saga. Since rejecting a 15-year, $440 million contract extension, rumors have been swirling that he will be traded. With so much on the Nats’ plate, here is what storylines to keep an eye on.

Which Nats Are Getting Traded?

Currently, the Nats’ front office is delegating a lot of business. With many possible suitors for Juan Soto, and lots of rumors going around for Josh Bell, there are things that are needed to be taken care of. It feels like almost every Nat is expendable at this point. Though that doesn’t mean that they will leave, it still feels as if the front office is motioning that. Personally, it seems unlikely that Soto will be wearing a Nats jersey next season. When will they trade him? Hard to tell.

Where Do The Nats Go From Here?

With Juan Soto’s future with the team uncertain, Washington needs to find a new star. But let’s look at it like this: the second half of the season is amidst and finding another Soto does not matter at the current moment. As a Nationals fan, curly W’s are the biggest thing on the radar. That’s what the fans want to see every day. Wins. Plain and simple. Wins are already hard to come by and will become even more difficult with the high potential of losing someone who just won the Home Run Derby.

So, now what? For now, Washington needs a true leader that will be king of the team. El capitán. That’s what the Nats need. A player to step up to the plate and just be the leader. But who should step up? My nomination is Stephen Strasburg.

Arguably some may say Strasburg is already the face of the franchise. However, due to his history of injuries, that’s up for debate. There’s also a middle ground. That’s where he’s at. He is the face of the franchise, but he can also do lots more for the organization as a whole. That age and experience are significant. He can show the Nats the proper logistics of a successful team. If he steps up to a higher leadership role, there will be a much better chance for the future of the Nationals.

Ultimately, the Nats are not gonna be 100% this year. However, they can find pieces that can lead them to get to the magic that happened in 2019. That’s all the fans and organization wants. Another strong core that can hopefully contend for another ring. To put another curly W in the book. It’s just gonna take some time and some patience.