BREAKING: Nationals Select LSU OF Dylan Crews With 2nd Overall Pick

2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship
2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship / Jay Biggerstaff/GettyImages

The Nationals have been very busy revamping their farm system and adding young, promising prospects both to the Major League roster and Minor League teams over the past couple of years, adding the likes of Josiah Gray, Keibert Ruiz, MacKenzie Gore, CJ Abrams, James Wood and more. Those additions vaulted the Nationals all the way to 10th in the preseason MLB Farm System rankings.

Well, an up-and-coming farm just got even better.

There are no words for how excited I am. The Nationals landed a generational talent that is a lock to be a Top 10 prospect in all of baseball when the updated rankings release and may even join fellow National James Wood as a Top 5 prospect.

Crews' LSU teammate got a lot of buzz and hype throughout the course of the season, and rightfully so, but people seem to forget just how insane Crews' performance was this season in his own right. Crews played in 71 games this season and slashed .426/.567/.713 for a 1.280 OPS with 18 homeruns and 70 RBIs with 71 walks to just 46 strikeouts. He also had an unreal 71 game on base streak to finish his college career.

Crews may seem like a luxury pick in some regards due to the Nationals depth in the outfield within their system, but Crews is arguably better than any prospect in the Nationals system, including James Wood. Crews has shown the ability to stick in centerfield but also be a top of the order bat as well. With Wood well on his way to becoming a foundational piece for the Nats, and now by adding Crews to the mix, the Nats (in theory) just need one of their other 5-6 above-average outfield prospects to hit in order to have their Major League outfield set for the next decade. Some of those prospects still need plenty of seasoning and development, but if say Robert Hassell III reaches the majors and establishes himself quickly along with Crews and Wood, the Nats can trade from a place of depth in their outfielders for more established players in areas of need. It is a great position to be in.

The other "negative" I am seeing regarding the selection of Dylan Crews is that his agent is Scott Boras...

I am not going to spend too much time on this because I think it is insanely silly to worry about Scott Boras. The Lerners have had a very close relationship with Scott Boras for YEARS and it directly led to them winning a World Series. The Juan Soto trade was just as much on the Lerners as it was Boras, and likely even more with their negotiation leaks. Then the Lerners did a PR spin to make fans blame Boras, and it seemed to have worked. Regardless of how it happened, GM Mike Rizzo did the right thing and got an absolute haul for Soto, who yes, is likely a Hall of Famer, but that haul so far has seemed to set up the next great Nationals team for years to come if players like Wood and Gore reach their ceilings. Add in guys like Crews and House panning out, and the Nationals are back in business.

So stop worrying about Scott Boras or "another outfielder" and just be happy that the Nationals landed another generational talent at the top of the draft in Dylan Crews. When they last did that just over a decade ago, it worked out pretty well.