Davey Martinez cannot seem to win in April

Davey Martinez is in his seventh season as the Washington Nationals manager, yet has never managed to finish April over .500 for the first time. What does that mean for this young team and their manager?
Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers
Washington Nationals v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

After initially inking a three-year deal in the Nation's Capitol, the 2024 season marks season number seven under Davey Martinez for the Washington Nationals, putting him at the seventh highest tenure of all active Major League managers. Despite the long tenure, Davey Martinez finally had the opportunity this season to do something for the first time in his managing career - finish April with a winning record.

The month of April has not been kind on Davey Martinez in his managing career, as his records in the month of April have been as follows:

2018: 11-16 in April
2019: 11-14 in April
2021: 10-12 in April
2022: 7-16 in April
2023: 10-16 in April

With 2020 excluded, as the Nats didn't play a game until July as a result of the pandemic.

The Nationals sat at 14-14 on April 30, as they awaited to play the Texas Rangers. The Nationals were also sending their ace MacKenzie Gore to the mound, which would have been everyone's first choice. If the Nationals pulled it off against the reigning World Series champions, they would finish above .500 in April for the first time in Davey's tenure. Otherwise, history shall repeat itself once again as they would finish under .500 in April once again under Davey.

Ultimately, the bullpen faltered and the Rangers pulled away late as the Nationals dropped the game, and April.

Not only would a win have put them above .500 in April for the first time under Davey, it would have put the Nationals above .500 for the first time in general since July of 2021.

In his inaugural season at the helm, Davey had a rough start to his managerial career, which ended up being the theme of the 2018 season for the team as a whole. He finished his first full month as a manager 11-16, despite a star-studded lineup and rotation that included Juan Soto, Trea Turner, Bryce Harper, Anthony Rendon, Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and more. Injuries and the bullpen hurt the team and left Davey Martinez with a underwhelming 82-80 record that season.

April - 1
Davey Martinez - 0

The 2019 season obviously included the infamous 19-31 start, partially due to Davey, but mostly due to an outrageous amount of injuries and underperforming players. The Nationals notoriously righted the ship that year to the tune of a World Series championship, but regardless, it was the second consecutive lackluster start under Davey Martinez.

April - 2
Davey Martinez - 0

The 2020 season has been the only season under Davey where the Nationals did not finish under .500 in April, due to the fact that the team did not play a game in April.

April - 2
Davey Martinez - 0

The 2021 season wound up marking the beginning of the rebuild, with the Nationals beginning the teardown at that year's trade deadline. Regardless, the Nationals still opened the season up with a roster full of talent that finished April with a record of 10-12.

April - 3
Davey Martinez - 0

Entering 2022, the Nationals had already departed from some of their elite talent like Trea Turner and Max Scherzer, but still had the likes of superstar of Juan Soto. The rebuild was beginning and April marked the first of many rough months for the Nationals, as they would eventually ship away Juan Soto and go all in on the rebuild. The month of April would be Davey's roughest one, as the Nationals only won seven of their 23 games in the month.

April - 4
Davey Martinez - 0

The 2023 season was a full on rebuild, leaving Davey Martinez with a weak roster for the full season this time around. The month of April did not take it any easier on Martinez, as the Nationals finished under .500 at 10-16 once again.

April - 5
Davey Martinez - 0

With all this being said, while the season is still very young, and things can most certainly take a turn for the worst, the Nationals have taken a step forward thus far in 2024. A good way to capitalize on this growth would be a winning month, but the Nationals and Davey Martinez will look to accomplish that in May as the month of April wins this round once again.