Four Immediate Questions The Nationals Still Need To Answer

Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs
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When will the Nationals sign Dylan Crews?

After selecting the LSU phenom and Golden Spikes award winner with the 2nd overall pick earlier this month, it is safe to say he is the most anticipated Nationals' draft prospect in quite some time. One obstacle remains, however: when will they actually sign him?

The Nationals have signed both their second round pick, Yohandy Morales, and their third round pick, Travis Sykora, both to overslot deals. Thankfully, they signed most of their later round draft picks to underslot deals to save money in order to facilitate their overslot deals. So far, it has been a good plan, but the plan is all for nothing if they fail to sign Dylan Crews.

There isn't any immediate reason to panic or believe the Nationals won't sign Dylan Crews, but all fans with have a sense of relief when that news breaks that the Nationals and Crews have agreed to a deal and Crews has signed.

Skenes signing with the Pirates already naturally has Nats' fans a bit antsy for Crews to sign. To go overslot on Crews, the Nationals will likely need to exceed $9 Million. According to Kiley McDaniel of ESPN, the Nationals can offer just over $9 Million, which is cutting it close but should be enough to get the job done.