Four Immediate Questions The Nationals Still Need To Answer

Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs
Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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When will the Nationals get sold?

This is a question that might not be quite as immediate of an answer, as much of the hold up with finding a buyer and potential sale revolves around the situation with the MASN TV rights and how much revenue that will generate going forward. Without a clear idea of TV rights, it will be near impossible for a new buyer to have certainty in their purchase but also near impossible for the Lerner Family to get close to their asking price.

That being said, the MASN situation has never looked closer to a resolution than it does at this current point in time. Last month, the Orioles and Nationals agreed on a settlement for 2012-2016, which totaled $100 Million. They will still need to sort out the next half decade of TV rights, but with an agreement in place to settle the first five years, in theory, the next five years should be easier to figure out without having to go through multiple court appeals over several years.

As far as potential buyers, it seems like Ted Leonsis and Monumental Sports are still the favorite to purchase the franchise, especially after Leonsis sold a portion of Monumental Sports to a Qatari Sports fund last month. Typically, you don't see owners do that unless they need a fresh influx of cash in order to make another large purchase.