Four Predictions for the Second Half of the Nationals' Season

Cincinnati Reds v Washington Nationals
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CJ Abrams Excels As a Leadoff Hitter

Maybe I am just trying to manifest this one into reality, which I really am, but CJ Abrams needs to be this team's leadoff hitter. His natural abilities lend well to being so, but his plate discipline hasn't gotten to the point it needs to be in order to be the concrete, without-a-doubt leadoff guy for the Nationals.

There is some promise, however, as in the three games leading up to the All Star Break, Abrams went 6 for 12 with 3 stolen bases while hitting leadoff for the Nationals in a series they won over the AL West leading Rangers. It also makes much more sense to hit Lane Thomas second and see if Abrams can't get on base and steal second to give Thomas that immediate chance with a runner in scoring position.

It has been a tough first half of the season at times for CJ Abrams, but I think the second half is one where we see encouraging signs from the 22 year old shortstop and signs that give us optimism for what he can do in 2024 with a full MLB season under his belt.