Is a Reunion in Order for the Nationals in 2023?

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals
Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages

2023 saw a flurry of roster moves made by the Nationals. None of those being bigger than the blockbuster trade that sent Juan Soto and Josh Bell to the Padres for a massive haul of prospects. However, there was one player involved in the trade that I feel was severely overlooked and one who would be a smart addition to roster for the upcoming season. That player being First Baseman Luke Voit.

I know, I know, how could adding a guy that has been on four teams since 2017 and played average at best last season be a good addition to the roster? Allow me to explain. Luke Voit is an exciting player to watch. I have been following him since his time with the Yankees when he was an integral part of the "Bronx Bombers". When Voit steps up to the plate he is a threat to take it yard every at bat. Yes he doesn't have the numbers to necessarily back that claim up, but for a team in the position that the Nationals are in you could argue that numbers can be overlooked.

Voit might have only homered 9 times for us last season, but he did provide the team with a much needed spark. Going to Nationals games last season, he was one of the players that provided the most energy. His walk up music, "Jimmy Cooks" by Drake would always get the crowd into the game and who could forget his legendary "Superman" jersey pull. Yes you could argue that things such as walk out music and home run celebration have no impact on whether or not a team wins a game, but Voit also provides something else to this roster, his experience. The 2022 Nationals roster SEVERELY lacked MLB experience. Voit had more MLB experience than most of his teammates combined last season. Every team needs its "veteran presence" and that was something that Voit provided for the Nats. Going into 2023 the team is still lacking that veteran presence and Voit could slip right back into his role as the veteran voice of this team.

Luke Voit still remains unsigned at the time of this article being written and I for one think that the Nationals should seriously consider bringing him back for the 2023 season. For a team that is still lacking superstar power and "fan favorite" player, adding more veteran presence is never a bad idea, especially when it is one of the top free agents remaining. Heres to hoping we see Voit back in the Red White and Blue next season.