It is time to move on from 2019

Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The 2019 Washington Nationals season was one that the Nationals and their fans will never forget. I have great memories from the season and the incredible playoff run that brought the franchise their first World Series and the first World Series in Washington in almost 100 years. As great and memorable as that season was, it seems to me that the Nationals and many fans are still engrossed with that season and the remnants of that team. I’m not denying the memories and the greatness, but it is simply time to move on.

We are approaching four seasons removed from that time period and the Nationals have pretty much been the worst team in baseball ever since they won it all. Now the Nats do have exciting young prospects in the minor leagues as well as some intriguing major league veterans who could provide some good times and maybe even trade bait in 2023. However, many fans still want to revisit 2019. How about instead we look forward to the development of young players and focus on the here and now. I see Nats fans constantly getting clowned by other fans for constantly obsessing over our not-so-recent championship. Frankly, it’s kind of embarrassing. It shows how very casual many Nats fans are. That and the fact that I constantly see fans clamor for the resurgence or return of faces such as Matt Adams, Sean Doolittle, and Anibal Sanchez.

This tweet sums up my feelings perfectly. While Doolittle could have some impact this season, I see little reason to give aging veterans more opportunity over younger players especially when they are seemingly approaching retirement or past their prime. Veteran presence is something to be noted but we have enough veterans and don't need any more taking up roster spots. I’m sure many fans will disagree on these points and that’s fine, but we need to stop letting the organization know that we are complacent and still obsessed with our one ring because that’s all that they’ll ever talk about. Washington sports fans in general deserve much better than what we have gotten from our sports teams over the last 20 years. Washington is a big market, and I don’t see any reason why our teams shouldn’t be in the playoffs nearly every season. As fans it is our duty to push for the best every single season and not be complacent with past achievements.