Nationals Predictions: Best Hitter, Best Pitcher, Best Reliever

Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game One
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Luis Garcia
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Hitter of the Year - Luis Garcia

I have been beating this drum for quite a while. I think Luis Garcia is poised breakout this year.

Garcia has spent portions of the season for the past three years with the Nats, but has somehow never began the year on the Opening Day roster. Last year, the Nationals opted to use Alcides Escobar over Garcia. Thankfully, they are not doing the same this year.

When you predict a hitter of the year, you likely are thinking of home run hitters and players who frequently display power. Lane Thomas was basically the hitter of the year by default last season just because he led the team in home runs (since Soto and Bell were traded). Joey Meneses made a late push for the title, and could do so again this year.

However, I think it ultimately goes to Garcia as he has displayed flashes of power himself over his time in the big leagues. Now that he'll get to start the season up with the big club, won't be shifted on since that defensive alignment is now banned, and won't be asked to be in over his head playing shortstop everyday, the stars are aligning for the Luis Garcia breakout year.