Nationals Prospect Cracks MLB Top 100

The Nationals big three prospects get a majority of the attention, but another recent Nationals' draft pick has quietly made his way into the top 100 of MLB prospects.
Miami v Clemson
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2023 second-round pick Yohandy Morales has broken into the MLB Pipeline Top 100 prospect list. The 22-year-old has hit .345 in 45 minor league games at four levels. The Nats have four prospects in the Top-100, Dylan Crews, James Wood, Brady House, and Yohandy Morales ranked at #7, #14, #45 and #100 respectively. However, 5 of the top 11 prospects listed are already in the Major Leagues, including the recently promoted #1 prospect Jackson Holiday, so these four Nats may rise even more as the season progresses.

Standing at 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, Morales is a slugger. While he's yet to hit a home run in his professional career, his power was prolific at the University of Miami. Yohandy hit 20 homers in his final season at Miami and totaled 49 in his Hurricane career, according to What is even more impressive is that despite not hitting a home run, Morales still managed to put up a .917 OPS across all levels last season. His home run power will come.

Currently a third baseman, Morales projects as a first baseman or corner outfielder in the Major Leagues. His glove is his weakest link, sporting a career .931 fielding percentage in college. The Nats would likely welcome a move to first for Morales, having lacked a stable first baseman for multiple seasons. Morales actually started at first base for the Nationals Futures Game last month, signaling a position change may come shortly for Morales.

Ranking at 100 in the Top 100, Morales is just on the cusp of his true potential. Regardless of his position in the field, the Nats hope to have their cleanup hitter of the future in Yohandy Morales. The Nats signed Morales for $2.6 million, above his slot value, signifying their interest in the young slugger. Yohandy impressively struck out in just 23 percent of his at-bats at Miami. He also recorded 13 stolen bases. The 22-year-old could be a steal of the 2023 MLB Draft.

Morales is currently at AA Harrisburg and could make his way to AAA Rochester at some point this season. Check back to for updates throughout the season on Yohandy Morales!