Ranking the Nationals' Moves From This Offseason

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11. Corey Dickerson

Corey Dickerson
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Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I have no problems with Corey Dickerson. I think he is a fine player and would make a good fourth outfielder on any roster. However, I critique and take some points away from this move solely because he's projected to be the starting left fielder, a job I believe should go to Stone Garrett. Furthermore, what the Nationals lack in the outfield, and lineup as a whole, is power. Dickerson isn't the answer to that issue, as he slugged .399 last season with 6 home runs, two numbers that aren't awfully impressive. While it was cheap and not a terrible move by any means, the fact that it could lead to playing time being taken away from some of the younger guys with more upside makes me put this deal towards the bottom.