Sunday Q&A with Nationals Prospect Marquis Grissom Jr.

Recently, I had the opportunity to connect with the Nationals' 2022 13th-round pick and 28th ranked prospect in the system: Marquis Grissom Jr., for a Q&A session to learn a little bit more about him as a person, player, and Chipotle connoisseur.
Marquis Grissom Jr.
Marquis Grissom Jr. / Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Depending on where you fall on the age spectrum and knowledge about former Expos players, you might remember the name Marquis Grissom, who was once drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1988. Grissom Sr., to his credit, accumulated a 29.6 career WAR and spent time with the Expos, Braves, Indians, Brewers, Dodgers, and Giants over his 17-year career. He also led the MLB in stolen bases twice in 1991 and 1992 with the Expos, when he stole an absurd 76 and 78 bags, respectively, in those seasons.

However, this article isn't about him, but about his son, Marquis Grissom Jr., the 28th-ranked prospect in the Nats system currently, and the 13th-round selection of the Washington Nationals in 2022 out of Georgia Tech. A starter in college, Grissom Jr. has been working out of the bullpen in his professional career so far, and appears on track to make his major league debut next season at the latest.

Grissom Jr. has been progressing through the Nats' system at a rapid pace, now onto his third level in the organization within the last two seasons. He was just recently promoted to AA Harrisburg, after a lights-out start to his 2024 season with High-A Wilmington, where he had a 2-1 record, 1.25 ERA and 1.11 WHIP, as well as converting 4/5 save opportunities. The key for him so far appears to be that he's learning to pitch in high-leverage situations early on, which will serve him well in the future, as we know the Nats always need big league caliber arms out of the bullpen.

Luckily for myself and anyone reading this article, Marquis was polite enough to help answer some questions that I had for him, and help provide all of us with a true inside look at a prospect in the Nats' organization whose development is going according to plan.

Get to know the fast-rising future bullpen piece of the Nats and avid Chipotle connoisseur below:

1. Being the son of a longtime MLB player, what lessons has he been able to share in terms of adjusting to pro ball?

"My dad always talked to me on how pro ball is a grind and I talk to him daily and mostly it has been about finding a routine and staying healthy. I can’t do anything but appreciate him for every talk we have because there is always something he has been through that I haven’t. He helps me thru the way."

2. Your father was drafted and debuted for the Expos, and later coached for the Nationals. What do you remember from his playing/coaching career?

"We talk about this a lot. We “kinda” got drafted to the same team. When I was born, he played in LA. I don’t remember too much but I remember being in locker rooms and having my 1st birthday in Dodger Stadium. Then he went to SF and I just remember being in locker rooms. In 2009, he was coaching 1B for the nationals. I came up for a weekend, met some players, I remember seeing Willie Harris hit a walk-off HR. I had fun. That is when I got my first Nats jersey lol."

3. Out of all the pitches you throw, which one is your favorite and why?

"My favorite pitch is Strike 1 lol. All of my pitches are my favorite because I continue to try to be the best pitcher I can be. My changeup would be my go to but I work hard on all of mine."

Note: Grissom Jr.'s changeup carries a 65 grade (according to prospect rankings), the highest out of any of his 3 listed pitches.

4. What’s the best part about pitching the 9th inning in a professional game?

"The best part about throwing in the 9th is the pressure. Close game, gotta close out the game. I love that energy and the pressure that it comes with. Thats what it's all about with me."

5. What has been the biggest adjustment across each level of the minor leagues so far?

"The biggest adjustment for me is just focusing on controlling what I can control and just be ready to go every night. Just really finding that routine."

6. Who is the teammate you’ve enjoyed playing with the most thus far in your professional career?

"All my teammates have been great. Seeing great talent. Even learning Spanish. I just love being around people with the same dream and dedication."

7. What is your favorite memory in this organization that you’ve had this far?

"My favorite memory in the org is tough for me. I got drafted on my 21st birthday. That is up there for #1. Just being here and making good friends in the long run. Chasing a dream. Chasing a dream everyday is a memory for me always."

8. Final question, your daily streak of eating Chipotle recently hit 100 days. How did this start and how long do you plan to keep it alive?

"With chipotle, I know I eat chipotle at least 200 times a year 😂 there is no telling how long this will continue. It’s just me being me. I can eat it everyday and it's actually feeling like it's tasting better. I might go the entire season."

Once again, a major shoutout to Marquis Grissom Jr. for taking the time out of his busy schedule to provide some great insight into his rise as a prospect. This was a ton of fun to do and I can't wait to watch him continue along his journey of making the major leagues! Please be sure to go follow him on Instagram @marquisjr9 and on X @MarquisJr9.

Side note, if anyone from Chipotle is reading this...give this man a lifetime Burrito Card already!

When do you think Marquis Grissom Jr. will be called up to the Washington Nationals? What do you think of his absurd streak of eating Chipotle every day? Would you be able to do it? As always, please let me know your thoughts on X @DCBerk, and let me know who you'd love to hear from next!

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