Three Nationals Who Could Represent Team USA At The 2026 World Baseball Classic

World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Cuba v United States
World Baseball Classic Semifinals: Cuba v United States / Alex Trautwig/GettyImages
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CJ Abrams
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CJ Abrams

This would be the most likely player to make the 2026 Team USA roster, but he certainly has his work cut out for him. This year's roster featured Trea Turner, Tim Anderson and Bobby Witt Jr. at Shortstop, all of which could conceivably return for 2026. Turner and Anderson will be 32 by then, while Witt Jr. will only be 26. After Turner's heroics this tournament, I'd say he's likely to return.

So where does Abrams potentially fit? Well, it's actually in the role filled by Bobby Witt Jr. this year. Abrams features outstanding speed and base running ability which would be extremely valuable to Team USA in their tournament efforts. This isn't to say Abrams couldn't work his way into a starting spot for the team if he strings together a couple of impressive campaigns over the next few seasons, but it is to say that his pure speed and electricity plays as is.

The odds tell us that not all three Shortstops will return in 2023, and with so many of the game's top shortstops of different backgrounds and representing their teams internationally, the pathway is there for Abrams to make the team.

Now of course we will start by just wanting to see Abrams progress this season and take a step forward as to not put too many lofty expectations upon his shoulders, but if I were a betting man, I'd bet that Abrams is the favorite from the Nationals as currently constructed to make the Team USA roster in 2026.