Three Players Who Should NOT Be Back With The Nationals In 2024

The Nationals have had a pleasantly surprising season, but not everyone who contributed to the 2023 campaign should return in 2024.

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals
Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages
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The Nationals have been frequent flyers in the bargain bin department the past few offseasons, which is not atypical of a rebuilding franchise. With said strategy, however, there will be more than their fair share of misfires when it comes to signings. The Nationals have been volume shooters, hoping that if they sign a dozen or so low risk free agents, that a couple of them will pan out and therefore not putting all of their eggs in one basket. Again, a fine strategy for a team in their position.

But here we are as the 2023 season winds down and the Nationals are knocking on the door of 70 wins, when most baseball experts, pundits and fans would not have expected them to hit 60 wins. A great step forward on the rebuidling road that sets the team up for an interesting spot next season. With the right roster replacements, the Nationals could take another giant step forward in 2024 that sets them up in a great spot as their young, top MLB talent such as James Wood and Dylan Crews reach the Major Leagues.

The key here is the right roster replacements. Failing to address an area of need can stunt or prolong the rebuild.

Here are three players who should NOT be back with the Nationals in 2024: