Washington Nationals Offseason Check-in

There have not been many moves for the Nationals this offseason, but there roster still sits full at 40 players. If the season began today, what would the team look like?
Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals
Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages
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What's Next?

Mike Rizzo needs to make a splash as he did years ago with OF Jayson Werth, a key veteran signing who jumpstarted the franchise rebuild. Werth was an impactful player for the Phillies, and Rizzo offered a healthy contract to the star to lead a rebuilding team. Rizzo could do the same this offseason.

Rhys Hoskins, ironically a former Phillie, is available on the free agent market. Before losing his 2023 season due to an ACL tear, Rhys hit a walk-off home run during Philadelhpia's 2022 playoff run. Hoskins would be inclined to take a deal with guaranteed playing time to prove he's capable of performing well post-surgery.

It's not a bold prediction to say the Nats won't sign Hoskins. But it's no secret that Washington lacks a power bat in the middle of their lineup. Hoskins fits the mold of what the Nats have been missing. The trend of the Nationals offseason says they won't shovel the money for Hoskins. Let's see if Mike Rizzo reverses the trend.