Which Jerseys will the Nationals wear in 2023?

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One of the more puzzling rule changes for the 2023 MLB season involves uniforms. Each team is allowed to have four uniforms to wear throughout the season and their city connect jerseys. This means five uniforms total for the season. Throwback uniforms are not included in this rule.

That being said, which jerseys will the Nationals wear this season? Here are my best guesses:

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These home white uniforms were debuted in 2019 and have seemingly replaced the white curly W uniforms. The Nationals wore them quite a bit last season so it would be very surprising if they were not to return this year.

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The Navy blue uniforms with the Nationals script were highlighted during the Nats' World Series run in 2019. It would be shocking if they were not part of the lineup for this season. If anything, the Nationals should wear these uniforms more often as they have not been used as much as others.

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The Nationals debuted their MLB City Connect uniforms last year, highlighting the Cherry Blossom theme in the nation's capital. The Nationals' Team Store recently announced they are expanding the Cherry Blossom/City Connect merchandise, so it is safe to say the uniforms are here to stay.

From here, potential uniform options get more cloudy but for the third uniform, I think that the team will go with the classic red jerseys with the curly W. This uniform has been a staple of the franchise since 2009 and it gives the team a nice alternate to wear for both home and away games. 

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The fourth uniform could be a few different options but I think the most likely choice is the gray away jerseys with the Washington script, which has regularly been the team's away uniform. 

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Honorable mentions:

One jersey that I wish that the team would bring back into the rotation is the Navy blue uniform with the American flag inside the curly W. The Nats used to wear this uniform on Friday nights but haven’t worn it since 2019. There is also a white version as well. Other uniforms that I wish the Nationals would wear once again are both 2005 jerseys as well as the DC jerseys which haven’t seen the light of day in over a decade. A white expos throwback would also be cool since the Nats have only done an Expos throwback one time and those were the powder blues.