Nationals Hire Third Base Coach

Last week I wrote that Trent Jewett will be heading to Seattle next season to become the Mariners bench coach. That opened the third base coaching job for the Nationals. News broke about an hour ago that the Nationals have hired someone and filled the coaching staff spot. They hired from within the organization promoting Bob Henley. He has served as the Nationals minor league field coordinator for the past four years.

All in all Henley has been with the Nationals/Expos organization for 11 seasons. Henley was drafted by the Expos and played seven seasons in the organization. He played a total of 41 games at the big league level. This will be a good pickup on the coaching staff as Henley is very well regarded within the organization.

The coaching staff now includes three former catchers, which seems to be the thing now for Major League teams. Henley joins bench coach Randy Knorr and bullpen coach Matt LeCroy as the former catchers.

I expect for Williams and Henley to get together and talk about the aggressiveness that they will use on the base paths. Having speed throughout the order will really help Henley in not having to worry too much about sending a guy, Williams will promote sending them. Henley is finally getting his chance at being a Major League coach and I am sure he won’t take it for granted. The Nats’ coaching staff has plenty of those types of guys. Guys that are getting their first chance at the job at hand. That in my opinion will only make them work harder and want a championship even more. It will be fun to watch Henley send guys around third this season and possibly many more.

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