Washington Nationals News: 5 biggest storylines to follow at start of season


Good morning DoD readers, and welcome to today’s District Daily! The Washington Nationals lost a tough one to the Mets yesterday, but they’ll be right back at it tomorrow night as they look to even the series with New York. Start off your Tuesday with some great Washington Nationals articles from around the web below.

In today’s Daily, Danny Garrison of Bleacher Report fills us in on the five biggest storylines to follow for the Nationals as the team heads into the 2015 season. Of course, there are plenty of things to keep an eye on for the Nationals, with he team’s stellar rotation and injuries being the two most important storylines.

Be sure to check out the article below, and if you have other ideas for what the top storylines are for the Nationals in 2015, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Also in today’s Daily, MLB.com’s Richard Justice discusses the events that led to the Nationals’ Opening Day loss to the Mets. As Justice notes, the game started off just the way the Nationals are expected to play this season: dominant starting pitching and a blast off the bat of Bryce Harper. But then things “got weird”, and the Nationals were shown just how hard it is to win a baseball game—even when you have a team that is far superior.

Be sure to checkout the articles below, and as always, stay tuned to DoD for all your Washington Nationals  needs.

Washington Nationals’ 5 Biggest Storylines to Follow at the Start of 2015

(Danny Garrison, Bleacher Report)

The path to a World Series title is incredibly long—at least 173 games—but for a team like the Washington Nationals that has been prematurely handed the trophy, it’s important not to overlook the first mile of the marathon.

Washington begins 2015 with three everyday starters on the disabled list, a superstar whose every move will inspire a think piece and five starting pitchers who are almost expected to win 20 games each.

There are countless subplots within the Nationals’ overall quest to meet their towering expectations. But we’re going to count them anyway. Read full article here.

Nats find out how other half lives in season opener

(Richard Justice, MLB.com)

WASHINGTON — Just before the whole thing came undone in a loss to the Mets on Monday afternoon, the Washington Nationals had played a game that could serve as a blueprint for everything the organization believes in.

That’s appropriate for Opening Day, right? Send ’em a message, etc. Baseball people constantly remind us that the season is long and that it’s about persevering and grinding and all that.

That said, Opening Day is different. It’s symbolic of a new beginning, and maybe it does set a tone. Or at least a day or two of good karma. Read full article here

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