Washington Nationals: The State Of The Franchise

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MLB: Washington Nationals at Pittsburgh Pirates
MLB: Washington Nationals at Pittsburgh Pirates /


This has the chance to be a remarkable season. Yes, you have heard it before. But, it is true.

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The offense is poised to give opposing pitchers nightmares. The starting pitching is elite, right there with the New York Mets and the AL tag team of the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians. The bullpen showed against the Los Angeles Dodgers how good they can be. Although we are not clear what roles they will fill, thy can do the job.

Yes, the rest of the division is not as weak as last. Those Chicago Cubs are still the favorites. The layoffs are more of a lottery, rewarding the hot team and not always the best over 162 games. And, that elusive closer remains troubling.

With all that said, this team is run well. Has multiple candidates for MVP, the Cy Young Award and should be well represented come July at Miami’s All-Star party.

Washington drew over 2.4 million through the turnstiles last year, a number destined to increase in 2017. The expectations that go with their passion is real.

It will be a test. Every season is and, come November, what did not go as planned will be clear as day, things we can only worry about now.

Nothing in baseball is easy. There is a virtual graveyard of teams with high expectations never reaching them. This team gives you the vibe they are different.

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As stated at the start, my friends, the state of the Washington Nationals is indeed strong.