Washington Nationals: Max Scherzer belongs to Cooperstown


Washington Nationals legend Max Scherzer is a three-time Cy Young winner. When he retires, what will his final numbers be? Outstanding.

Without question, Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer punched his ticket to Cooperstown last week winning his third Cy Young Award in the last five years.

First with the Detroit Tigers in 2013, and now in back-to-back years with the Nats, Scherzer’s accomplishments are extraordinary. He is the sixth pitcher to take home the hardware I both leagues. Only Roger Clemens and Roy Halladay have not gone into the Hall of Fame. The late Halladay is not yet eligible while Clemens will get in soon.

When you include Pedro Martinez’s Cy with the Montreal Expos, Scherzer’s consecutive award marks the third in franchise history.

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When Scherzer eventually hangs up his pitching glove and stalks his own lawn at home for entertainment, what kind of resume will he carry to his day in the sun in upstate New York?

Although we hope for a World Series ring or two for Scherzer, those are not fully in his control. However, a pitching triple crown is possible. A three-time leader in wins and twice a strikeout champion, he has never led a league in ERA. His 2.51 this year was second in the NL. The last five years, he finished in the top ten. His 3.30 is ninth on the list of active pitchers.

Scherzer, if he stays healthy, is a lock for 3000 strikeouts.

The last six years, he fanned at least 200. Over the last four, Scherzer topped 250. With 2149 on his resume, he could reach the milestone in either 2021 or early 2022 as a Nats legend. At 32, if he pitches another ten seasons, he has a legitimate shot at 4000 strikeouts. Only four in MLB history are on that level. Nolan Ryan, Randy Johnson, Clemens and Steve Carlton.

Clayton Kershaw probably joins Scherzer at 4000.

Will Scherzer reach 300 wins? No.

In his productive ten seasons, Scherzer’s win total sits at 141. He would need to average 16 a year for the next decade to get there. Hard to see, as he enters his late 30s and early 40s, keeping that pace. Although he starts at least 30 games a year, only two active pitchers have 200 wins. Bartolo Colon with 240 and CC Sabathia at 237.

Scherzer’s chances reaching 250 are stronger. He needs 109 to reach that milestone and 275 is a reasonable goal if he stays healthy. If he doubles his win total the next ten years that would give him 282. A remarkable total in this era of baseball.

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Even without the magic 300 wins, you figure multiple Cy Young’s, a reasonable shot at 4000 strikeouts and legendary status in Washington gives him the immortality and recognition Scherzer deserves.