Washington Nationals: Introducing the FanSided Winter Meetings


The Washington Nationals figure to be active during the MLB Winter Meetings in a couple weeks. To get an idea of what may happen, we are conducting a Winter Meetings simulation.

The Washington Nationals are usually relatively active during the MLB Winter Meetings. Last year, with the Winter Meetings being held near DC, rumors swirled around the Nats. Mike Rizzo and company were aiming big, attempting to acquire stars, such as Chris Sale and Andrew McCutchen.

When the Winter Meetings begin in Orlando, Florida in a couple weeks, there may once again be lots of rumors surrounding the Nats. 2018 appears to be an enormous year for the Nats, and they may go all in for what is potentially their final season with Bryce Harper.

In order to get an idea of what may happen during the Winter Meetings, we at FanSided are conducting a Winter Meetings simulation. I will be serving as the Nats’ GM, while other site experts throughout the FanSided network will represent the other 29 teams.

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We are attempting to keep the simulation as realistic as possible by adhering to payrolls and making moves that could theoretically occur in real life. For a complete set of rules, see here.

I currently have a few big moves in the works, including trades, free agent signings, and contract extensions. We will write about any transactions that are made, and we will be sure to specify that they are part of the simulation and have not occurred in real life…yet.

The objective here is to give fans a sneak peek of what may occur throughout the off-season, so I will do my best to make some moves that I could see Mike Rizzo pulling off as he prepares for 2018.

The actual Winter Meetings will run from December 10-14 in Orlando, Florida, which is in just a couple short weeks. This should be a very exciting time for baseball fans, and many fans have been looking forward to it for quite some time now. In the meantime, stay tuned for some transactions in the FanSided simulation, as I do my best Mike Rizzo impersonation.

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