Washington Nationals: Forecasting the Bryce Harper sweepstakes

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If you were to put money on his decision, the co-favorites are the Nats and Chicago Cubs.

Harper and his wife are close friends with Kris Bryant. Both from Vegas and both MVP’s. The Cubs are lovable losers no more. With Theo Epstein running baseball operations and ownership willing to spend, Chicago is a model MLB franchise.

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Joe Maddon managed the Cubs to a championship. Harper would be a huge star in the Windy City from day one. His bat on a hot summer afternoon at Wrigley Field? My word. Another championship and he cements the Cubs as legends.

Did we mention all their television deals run out within the next two years? Yeah, the Cubs are about to win Powerball in rights fees. Harper’s salary demands are not a problem for Chicago.

Although the commercial endorsements available on either coast are harder to get in the Midwest, some guy by the name of Michael Jordan made a few dollars there. Walter Payton did too.

The Bryant friendship is a huge factor. They are close in age to go along with the hometown and partner connections. Baseball seasons are marathons. The ability to share those experiences with a close friend as they build a family is priceless.

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One common theme with these teams is tradition. Harper feels it is important. He can build one in Washington. We know you fans want that.