Washington Nationals: Anthony Rendon’s silent ejection

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 7: Home plate umpire Marty Foster ejects Anthony Rendon
WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 7: Home plate umpire Marty Foster ejects Anthony Rendon /

A terrible ejection for Anthony Rendon stymies the Washington Nationals. They drop another, 3-2 to the New York Mets. They fall to 4-4.

This is a day the Washington Nationals must forget fast.

The final score, a 3-2 crusher to the New York Mets, is not that important. On this cold Saturday Washington battled New York, home plate umpire Marty Foster along with themselves in front of 28,952 stunned fans.

Credit the Mets, they are exploiting Washington’s weaknesses for everyone to see.

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The last few days have not strengthened the bond between umpires and Nats hitters.

Thursday, Trea Turner is thrown out on a questionable strike three call. His troubles stemmed from the Atlanta series when he clearly was unhappy about the strike zone.

Today, Rendon, Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman were frustrated. In the third, Rendon dropped his bat and got rang up. Dave Martinez came out and said a few magic words too.

Extra points for the manager tossing the hat and pretending to kick dirt on home plate. The Nats need strong passion from their skipper to protect players. Nothing wrong in an occasional ejection to fire teams up.

Except, outside Harper’s fifth home run of the year, it did not.

Foster made the mistake of letting his ego get away from his job as an impartial observer. Bonus points to the Mets for arguing inside calls late. Foster was consistent with his strike zone, but his was oversized.

Tossing the mild-mannered Rendon, who never said a word or rolled his eyes, is a disgrace. You could see how Turner earned his ejection Thursday, but Rendon did and said nothing. By ejecting him, you have tilted the balance toward New York.

The Mets did what they needed too and faced Matt Reynolds instead of Rendon with the game on the line. Huge advantage New York.


Every time the Nats forged ahead, the pitching gave it away.

When Gonzalez did it in the sixth, his pitch count was in the 90s. However, Brandon Kintzler’s sinker is not sinking. He allowed the two runs the Mets needed and the losing streak hits four.

Washington did not lose four straight last year.


This is not a surprise, but the Nats designated Enny Romero for assignment this morning for Matt Reynolds.

Romero struggled with command this spring and could not finish the ninth during Washington’s big win over Cincinnati last Sunday. Someone will claim him. He is a fireballing lefty that can close if he can locate pitches.

His problem? Can never locate his pitches.

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Sunday night is a big one.